Commercial H MP

Our 15 Point Inspection includes

  1. Inspect heat exchanger
  2. Inspect all motors (fan, burner, circulators), fan belts, pulleys, shafts and bearings (including AMP test)
  3. Inspect couplings
  4. Set-up ignition assembly complete
  5. Inspect air gate, housing, fan and retention head complete
  6. Inspect all filter systems complete (air and oil)
  7. Inspect fuel cut off complete with pressure test and check fuel for contamination (water, sludge, etc.)
  8. Inspect ignition transformer
  9. Clean flame sensing device complete with metre reading
  10. Inspect combustion chamber and refractory
  11. Operate burner and adjust as required
  12. Check safety timing on primary controls
  13. Check and adjust operating controls (fill valve, relief valve, expansion tank, low water cut off, etc.)
  14. Check for clean emissions (smoke test, etc.)
  15. Complete combustion analysis

An investment in our Commercial Heating and Maintenance Package can safeguard your critical heating, boiler and water heater systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and remain cost-effective, an important element in the profitable management of your property.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Our technicians provide around the clock emergency burner breakdown service at any time during the agreement.

Avoid Surprises with a Commercial Heating and Maintenance Package you can count on

Protect your investment and reduce operating costs. As the owner of a commercial property, effectively managing operating costs and maintenance can spell the difference between profit and loss. Properly functioning and reliable heating systems are key components of your real estate investment.

The professionals at Iron Dog have spent their careers understanding what makes heating systems tick and how to keep them running efficiently.

Our Commercial Heating and Maintenance Package for your oil or natural gas fired boiler, furnace or water heater can give you the confidence to focus on other aspects of managing your commercial property investment.


Not only does our package include regular maintenance to keep your equipment in top working condition, you can also be confident that the professionals at Iron Dog are overseeing your system and can detect issues before they develop into a major unforeseen expense for your business.

Our Commmercial Heating and Maintenance Package includes:

Our Comprehensive Heating and Maintenance Package* is the ideal way to ensure your heating system operates efficiently and safely all year long. Designed for commercial and domestic oil-fired burner units of all sizes, this flexible, multi-year package consists of the following:

Annual Cleaning
commercial2Our annual burner conditioning will consist of cleaning the flue gas passageways from the furnace to the base of the chimney, cleaning the heating surface of the furnace, cleaning and tuning the burner to provide optimum performance and a 15-point inspection.

Periodic 15 Point Inspection
Our 15-point inspection covers all the key areas of your heating system. By regularly inspecting, adjusting or cleaning these key elements, we can ensure you receive the best efficiency and longest life from your unit. The plan provides for a summer and winter inspection.

Parts Repair & Replacement
We’ll apply our experience and expertise to determine whether any of the parts listed in your agreement require repair or full replacement for each burner covered in your plan.

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