What parts are covered?

Our Exclusive List of all parts covered by this Agreement:

  • Fuel Guage
  • Protected oil line (exposed)
  • Fill and vent pipe assembly (Black iron only)
  • Vent alarm
  • Oil filter
  • Oil filter cartridge
  • Airgate
  • Combustion chamber 1
  • Fan motor
  • Draft regulator
  • Checking heat exchanger for cracks 2
  • Fan assembly
  • Nozzle
  • Fuel oil pump and couplings
  • Fan control
  • Transformer
  • Ignition assembly electrodes
  • Burner motor
  • Burner housing
  • Burner fan
  • Triple aquastat 3
  • Fan belt (blower)
  • Primary burner control
  • Standard thermostat 4 
  • Blast tube, end cone
  • Cadmium cell 

1Not exceeding $50.00 installed cost
2Performed during annual cleaning only
3Not to exceed $100.00
4Limited to one per dwelling only

total burner2

Stay Warm with a Total Burner & Furnace Protection Plan you can count on

Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our furnace, or heating systems, until it doesn’t work – and it usually stops working at the worst of times. Rather than having this important resource out of sight and out of mind, why not rely on the professionals at Iron Dog to keep your system running its best?

The professionals at Iron Dog have spent their careers understanding what makes heating systems tick – and how to keep them running efficiently. For about the price of an evening out you can have the assurance of our Total Burner and Furnace Protection Plan for your oil-fired boiler, furnace or water heater.

Not only does our plan include regular maintenance to keep your equipment working its very best, but you’ll also have the confidence of knowing the professionals at Iron Dog are overseeing your system and can advise you before anything happens.

Our Total Burner and Furnace Protection Plan

Our Total Burner and Furnace Protection Plan* is the ideal way to ensure your heating system operates efficiently and safely all year long. Designed for domestic burner units up to 200,000 BTU this twelve month plan consists of the following:

Annual Cleaning
total burner1Our annual burner conditioning will consist of cleaning the flue gas passageways from the furnace to the base of the chimney, cleaning the heating surface of the furnace, cleaning and tuning the burner to provide optimum performance along with our 15 point inspection.

Parts Repair & Replacement
We’ll apply our experience and expertise to determine whether any of the parts listed in your Protection Plan Agreement require repair or full replacement for each burner covered in your Plan.

24 Hour Emergency Service
Our Technicians provide around the clock emergency burner breakdown service at any time during the Agreement.

Enjoy the assurance our Total Burner and Furnace Protection Plan* can bring you and your family for as little as two quarters a day!

Call us at 902 443 8870.

Annual Fee $189.95 (+hst)